“Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
mastering yourself is true power.
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Human Design Consult

Ever wish life handed you an owner's manual? One that helped you discover the person you were born to be and how you process energy (i.e. how to drive this thing?!) Each of us has our own energetic blueprint and style of operating successfully in life. This program includes a custom 50 minute consultation + 3 part personally recorded reading to help you understand your unique energy anatomy and mechanics so that you can stop over-efforting and start leveraging energy.  

  • Discover how to stop burnout from unintentionally being a TYPE that you are not.
  • Learn your most effective and authentic STRATEGY for making clear choices.
  • Tap into trust that your decisions are aligned not only with your highest good but also best timing as a result of uncovering your true AUTHORITY. 

Energy Medicine

Have you been living the break-fix model of well-being? Maybe it is time to get out ahead of it. Eden Energy Medicine was created based on the enduring principles of the body's own Life Force Energy. Professionally trained to transform and manipulate your body’s energy systems to create faster healing Nicole offers in-person sessions. EEM is an intelligent, practical, time-tested healing method that builds and expands on ancient modalities from around the world such as acupuncture, chakra healing, and medical qigong.

SAS Foundations

Need to reboot your resiliency or press the 'reset' button on your life? Feel disconnected or unsupported from your Spiritual Source? This group program is the most effective way to support you through the process of realigning with the highest expression of who you truly are. Consider it a DEEP DIVE into DE-CONDITIONING.

If you've tried to pump up a positivity but results are really lacking, you already know it’s not as easy as just having a good “mindset.”

It’s not as easy as just bearing down and getting it done. 

It’s not always easy...but it can be simple. This program provides a simple framework to rebuild your energetic foundations so that you become even better after -maybe a lifetime of- the unexpected.

Take a deep dive into nine resiliency keys so that you can get over the stuff that holds you back. In this program you'll gain the energetic support needed to unravel the mysteries of any habits, patterns or old thoughts that feel like they're keeping you stuck.


Custom 1-on-1

Want a private custom program? Nicole co-creates programs, with clients, lasting 3 to 6 months. Depending on your goals, you'll receive a custom combination of consulting, coaching and energy work. This is the most elite level of support. When you choose this option, you have direct access to Nicole nearly 24-7. VIP clients think of her as their personal lifeline. When you two are not in a session, you can be sure Nicole is not only thinking about you, but also gathering any resources or insights she finds that will save you time! 

Nicole Nelson Transformational Programs
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